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Hypertrophy Max

Professional Bodybuilding is a modern trend largely adopted by different categories of people, from younger generations to adults.Hypertrophy Max

With so many body building programs, a person who wants to have a stronger, sculptural body always has a hard time choosing one, especially since all developers claim that their system is the best.

Hypertrophy Max is now live! Click here to grab your copy before the doors shut on the 19th of December 2014

Hypertrophy Max is one of the newest PRO Bodybuilding Program focused purely on Muscular Hypertrophy available on the market, a revolutionary system dedicated to natural muscle building, body building and fat loss.

The program consists of a set of principles that allow you to grow your muscular mass safely and steady.

Here is the Hypertrophy Max Phase curriculum:

Phase 1 – MAX-TENSION:
Phase 2 – MAX-DENSITY: The Double Density Workout For Double The Gains
Phase 3 – MAX-LACTATE:

Phase 5: MAX-VOLUME:

Then we’re going to head into 6 months of prioritization training which is going to
really be hot!

Phase 7: MAX-DELTS
Phase 8: MAX-BACK
Phase 9: MAX-PECS
Phase 10: MAX-LEGS
Phase 11: MAX-ARMS
Phase 12: MAX-CORE

Hypertrophy Max can be used not only by advanced bodybuilders, but also by absolute beginners.


Hypertrophy Max is now live! Click here to grab your copy before the doors shut on the 19th of December 2014

Anyone seriously interested in bodysculpting can use this system.

It can be easily adapted to any goal, and it ensures obvious results in both fat loss and body building.

What is important for the members of this program is that they know exactly how their training schedule will look like every month.

A DVD is included, showing every technique that has to be used in order to execute the exercises correctly.

Information about the diet and supplementation necessary in order to cope with the body building training and enhance its effects is also provided.

Followers are also invited to an elite coaching call with the developers of the program, none others than the famous Ben Pakulski and Vince Del Monte.

The closed-door session lasts for 90 minutes. Considering that a one hour session with body building experts is valued at hundreds of dollars, the information provided by this program is all the more valuable.

You can use the Private Members Forum to get the new look of your body assessed, post pictures of your progress, start your training journal, address your questions about the phase you are getting through and, most importantly, be in permanent contact with your coaches.

The Hypertrophy Max program reveals five fatal flaws that could turn your training useless and prevent you from reaching your goals and teaches you how to avoid them.

These mistakes are:

  • Not defining your goals – this is the biggest mistake, because not having a plan will make your efforts useless and your muscles will not develop harmoniously;
  • Ignoring what to do in the further phases of your training – being in this situation and making the wrong choice will have a catastrophic effect on your muscle growth;
  • Taking in too much information – different and sometimes contradictory ideas exposed in magazines or on the internet will end up confusing you;
  • Continuously searching for new tips and tricks – such methods are usually not based on scientific facts, become boring after a time, and may even affect your previous training efforts;
  • Lifting weights over your body’s capacity – you may want to impress someone, but exaggerating is really dangerous if your body is not yet prepared to support that weight, so never do it!

Hypertrophy Max is the best body building system you could follow, as it is based on a carefully elaborated training plan that covers an entire year.

Both beginners and advanced body builders are welcome to fully benefit from it, and those that are already advanced will have the opportunity to take their training to perfection.

Hypertrophy Max is a brand new Muscle Building program from Vince del Monte and Ben Pakulski buy it here! Hypertrophy Max is coming soon!

Hypertrophy Max is now live! Click here to grab your copy before the doors shut on the 19th of December 2014