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Ben Pakulski – A Legend of PRO Bodybuilding

Ben Pakulski is an IFBB PRO Bodybuilder. ben pakulski hypertrophy max

At the age of 15, when most young men can be competitive in almost any sport, beginning to dream of college and sponsors, Ben Pakulski was already a high level athlete looking for even higher performances.

He used to train following the example of his father, whom he wanted to emulate.

Due to the principles he followed and to the commitment with which he trained, he managed to become faster and stronger, better at every sport he was practicing.

He continued exercising assiduously together with his buddies and he become stronger and faster than many of his colleagues. He was very proud about his body development.

He was deeply impressed by an issue of FLEX magazine, with Nasser El-Sonbaty on the magazine’s cover, but did not dare to dream of looking like that. He continued to read FLEX, where he could find information about nutrition and exercise.

A year of training was enough for Ben Pakulski to grow even more muscle, but he was still not satisfied.

He went to the local gym and found there his true passion: bodybuilding. The trainers at the gym were two brothers who looked strong, big, and were only a few years older than Ben, who felt skinny compared to them. He used to look up to them and dream of looking like that one day.

With that in mind, he began to watch their training routines, to follow their steps and principles to the letter, and, after a year, the results were more than satisfactory.

He gained both weight and muscle, succeeding to sculpture a body any man would be proud was obvious.

Another thing that drew his attention towards the brothers was the passion with which they helped other people train and grow muscle, the difference their advice made for so many lives.

This was the moment when he realized he wanted to help others achieve their goals and build a body they can be proud of.

Tom Hall was another idol of Ben Pakulski, maybe the one with the greatest influence on his career in body building. He taught Ben the biomechanical principles of exercising, what to eat and why certain foods are recommended and others are not.

All the knowledge and experienced accumulated over time was used in Hypertrophy Max, his newest building system, developed together with Vince Del Monte, based on scientific evidence and many years of research.

Ben is considered a walking encyclopedia with respect to body building, and this system shares the exact principles he follows.

A promoter of healthy eating, of smart exercising and of a balanced lifestyle, he became the idol of people around the world, all captivated by the way he looks and the easy to follow system he developed.

Chances are he will never disappoint them, as his teachings, including those in Hypertrophy Max, are all based on thorough research and scientific discoveries and evidence, so the results are guaranteed.  Read more about Ben Pakulksi’s Hypertrophy Max Here.