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From Skinny to Muscular – The Story of Vince Del Monte

Vince Del Monte is one of the authors of the famous Hypertrophy Max system, probably the best body building program ever developed. His case is well known by all those interested in the field, because the transformation of Vince throughout time is spectacular.vince delmonte hypertrophy max

Those who have known Vince Del Monte since he used to be a long distance runner also know that, despite his athletic performances, he suffered from the insecurity and embarrassment that being too skinny often brings about.

As a matter of fact, he used to be called “Skinny Vinnie”. Vince decided to win over his weak constitution, take control of his body and become a new person, one that could look proudly in the mirror.

Despite trying everything he could think of in order to gain weight, he never succeeded to exceed the 149 lbs limit his own body seemed to have imposed.

Under the circumstances, he continued to seek refuge in running. He became a real running machine, but never could get over his dream of gaining more muscular mass.

He began to study subjects that he considered helpful for his goals, like Kinesiology at the Western Ontario University, where he received the Honors Kinesiology degree from.

After graduating from college, he had the chance to find a mentor who advised him to do something incredible.

He made Vince burn all the fitness magazines he had and immediately stop paying for the supplements he used to take in order to gain weight.

Starting from that moment, Vince Del Monte’s life changed completely. Not only did he gain weight, but he also built muscles, and finally found the lady of his dreams and made her his wife.

The new body brought Vince Del Monte a career as a WBFF Professional Model, the trophy of the Canadian Fitness Model Championship and even the third place in the World Fitness Model Championship, in 2008.

In parallel, he has been using his experience to help others get over their insecurities and build the body they wanted, with such success that he went from being known as “Skinny Vinnie” to “Skinny Guys’ Savior”.

He teaches his students everything there is to know about growing muscles, living healthier and staying fit, he helps them stop hating their bodies and their lives and learning to love their reflection in the mirror.

In order to reach out to more people, he also developed the famous “No-Nonsense Muscle Building” system, a mélange of inspiration, encouragement, humor and fun.

The essence of his system is that follower should make a plan and follow it by giving up their bad habits and creating new ones, long term ones.

But his efforts did not end with this system. Vince continued to explore new solutions, to gather information on the newest discoveries in the field, to test new methods and thus improve his own work and offer his followers the key to faster and easier muscle building.

If No-Nonsense Muscle Building was sold in more than 120 countries, in over 80,000 copies, we can only imagine the success his latest project, Hypertrophy Max, developed in collaboration with another fitness guru, Ben Pakulski, will have. Read more about Hypertrophy Max here.