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Do you need a Gym Membership?

Hypertrophy M.A.X is geared towards more gym training, but if you want to work out from home it can certainly be done.

You will likely need a wide range of dumbbells, an adjustable bench, dip bar (sometimes), pull up bar, squat rack, barbells, plates.

That would cover you REALLY well but we will be in the forum all the time to give you suggestions if you find exercises you’re not sure of or need help making modifications.

Plus, the big benefit of training with us is that we use ‘Intentions’ which eliminate the need for much equipment.

You’re welcome to try out the first phase to give you a feel for whether this will be possible for you. We’re sure it will be.

Do you need a Spotter?

For the most part, no. During Phase 5 we introduce Wave Loading and a FEW sets might require help with a spotter but for 98% of the program you do not need a spotter.

How Much Muscle Will You Gain?

To be frank, we have no idea. We’ll confidently predict some guys will gain as much as 40 or 50 pounds in the next year and some will gain 4 or 5 pounds – and both groups will be equally happy based on their starting points.

What we can promise you is that your body will look DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT and you’ll experience FASTER gains and more CONSISTENT gains than ever before. Looking lean, ripped and muscular is all about illusion. Once we’re done balancing out your body and making everything proportional, your friends are going to think you gained at least 20 pounds of muscle! We’re more concerned with the look, not the number!

Is Hypertrophy Max For Newbies?

If you’re a fast learner and have about 1 year of experience then you’re welcome to join. If the program didn’t come with a 2-hour instructional DVD I would say no. But since you get explicit instruction on how to perform every move with Intentions, you couldn’t get off to a better start. If we had this knowledge 10 years ago, we would have avoided SO many mistakes. The only variable we can advise you personally on, via the private members’ forum, is the amount of volume per each phase. We’ll probably have you scale that down.

What is Muscular Hypertrophy?

Click here for a detailed answer in this Muscular Hypertrophy Article.

Do you have to commit to the entire 12 months?

No. You’re in complete control of how long you remain a member. There is no long-term commitment required. The more you put in the, more you get out. We strongly advise committing to the first 6 months so you can experience all 6 hypertrophy factors. The last 6 months will be body part specialization programs to make faster gains on slow-to-grow body parts.

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