Muscular Hypertrophy

So what is Muscle Hypertrophy Training?

Basically it’s the increase in the size of a muscle through an increase in its component cells.

Skeletal muscle is one of the few tissues with the capacity for widespread and rapid repair.

So basically what happens after you go lift the weights, hit the weights real hard what’s going to happen is micro trauma and this is tiny damage from the muscle fibres from you working out so the body’s response is to over compensate for this damage and replace the damaged tissue reducing the risk of repeat damage.

Basically in a nutshell that means whenever you go hit the weights really hard your bodies going to, if you’re in a calories surplus, build new tissue, build more muscle to compensate for the fact that you just broke that tissue down.

So you get stronger and you get bigger.

So how do we accomplish Muscular Hypertrophy?

  • First off were going to keep out rep ranges in the 8 to 12 range.
  • Secondly were going to stay 1 rep short of failure, were not going to go to complete failure to keep from over taxing our central nervous system.
  • Thirdly were going to train more frequently so instead of training bro split, chest once a week, do split biceps and chest once a week, were now going to train each muscle group 2 to 3 times a week.

So you can do full body work outs, you can do push-pull programmes, you can do push pull legs programmes just as long as your training more frequently.

Fourth were going to shorten the rest period so when you’re aiming for Hypertrophy you’re going to keep the rest in-between 30 to 90 seconds.

You can go all the way up to 2 minutes but I really advise that you stay in the 30 to 90 second range.

Also while you’re working out for Hypertrophy you really want to concentrate on the mind muscle connection.

Don’t just take the dumb bells and curl the weight up like this, concentrate on what you’re doing, think bicep, bicep, bicep, bicep the entire time your curling, this will help get a greater contraction in the muscle you’re working.

Now we have 3 keys to success with Hypertrophy MAX Training.

  • First, strength, strength should be your overall goal. In order to increase size you must increase your strength, you must make strength gains.

You must continue to add weights to the bar so you continue to reach progressive over load because if you over load a muscle and you continue to get stronger it’s going to grow and cause your body to build new tissue and you’ll get stronger and get bigger.

  • Secondly, food. Food is important guys. Food is what decides whether our body stays the same, gains weight or loses weight.

Same with muscle building, concentrate on micro nutrient, micro nutrients is going to decide your body composition so if you want to put on more muscle keep your micros straight.

Get enough fat, get enough protein, get enough carbs to train hard.

  • And lastly, our third key it time, be patient guys, this doesn’t happen overnight.

You’re not going to eat a chicken breast, go do some curls and next morning just wake up Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It won’t happen. So patience is key. Watch what you’re eating, watch how your training progresses. Keep a log.

Make sure you’re watching these things so every week every workout, you can put more weight on the bar, you can add a set, you can add a rep and even shorten the rest period.

Work on progressive over load with Hypertrophy Training and you will succeed.

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